What was the importance of the council of trent essay

The complex interplay of these four issues was to impact the life of the Council until its very end. Even then, it was off to a very slow start. Then the Spaniards showed up. We see that there were two issues the Council met to address: Contrary errors were condemned in the canons.

The sixth session gives us the celebrated decree on Justification, which did so much to clarify Church teaching in a matter some Catholics were confused about, thinking that there was room for compromise with the Protestants.

In a series of canons, the various heresies of Luther and Calvin on these points are explicitly anathematized. The second session was not as successful, as it only came up with few reaffirmationsthat pilgrimages and penances were to be upheld, the doctrine of transubstantiation, and also that communion in both kinds was condemned, as were other aspects of the Protestant view of the Eucharist.

Charles V wanted it the other way. Jerome, anathematizing anyone who would reject it. The reform decree included minute prescriptions on who can be admitted to Orders. It also called for a catechism to be issued. Grace is not simply an external garment still less is it snow on dung!

The twenty-fourth session treated of the sacrament of Matrimony. Luther had transgressed orthodoxy. As early asonly three years after the close of the Fifth Lateran Council, there was a call for such a council, but Pope Leo X was afraid of what might come of it, especially in light of the conciliarist tendencies that were still lingering.

For many years before the Council actually met, there had been talk of an ecumenical synod to reform the Church and to react to the challenge put to her by Luther.

But how to accomplish both of these ends? After several prorogations, delays, and upon the beginning of a new pontificate, the thirteenth session resumed the work of the Council on the Sacraments, treating only of the Eucharist.

The third session put an emphasis on the quality of the clergy. The real presence of Jesus Christ, which abides after the Mass ergo allowing for reposition of the Blessed Sacrament was also affirmed, as was the divine institution of this august sacrament, Its excellence over the other sacraments, Its power to give grace, the dispositions necessary for Its reception, and the veneration to be showed It.

Francis I, the Valois king of France, showed himself to be even less cooperative, opposing the Council at first, forbidding the publishing of the bull of convocation in his Kingdom, and refusing for a while to allow French bishops to attend its sessions. A short section established its true sacramental nature, while a much longer section minutely reformed the administration of the sacrament.

The reform issues taken up by this session included episcopal and priestly residence the duty of the bishop to reside in his diocese and the priest charged with cure of souls to reside in his parishrestrictions on bishops performing pontifical functions outside their dioceses, and the prohibition of regulars from residing outside their religious houses.The Council of Trent was the beginning of organised Catholic response to the Protestant movement and the Reformation.

Initially, the intent was to address the schism before it became a full blown heresy, but ultimately geopolitical and vested interest put paid to that.

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The Council of Trent was the 16th-century Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church.

Council of Trent

Council fathers met for the first through eighth sessions in Trent (), and for the ninth through eleventh sessions in Bologna () during the pontificate of Pope Paul III.[2] Under Pope Julius III, the council met in Trent () for the twelfth through sixteenth sessions.

The Council of Trent, which lasted from towas one of the most important councils in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. This Council of Trent reaffirmed the sacraments and added other beliefs to regain the power the Church once had.4/4(1).

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The Council of Trent: Overview of its Importance and Difficulties

The Council of Trent legitimizes under Catholic law, papal authority to do whatever necessary to prevent the spread of Protestantism and bring former Catholics back to the church in numerous ways. First, The Council of Trent increased papal authority by passing a decree concerning the publication of sacred books.

What was the importance of the council of trent essay
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