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Then the trainer would be selected. Through this career succession planning employees develops their skills to deserve the vacant higher position. What they do is that they just send employee of one branch to another or one region to another.

So make the training program perfect ROBI plans some steps, which are helpful for the fresher. The trainees can compare their own performance and try to improve according to that. On the other hand, force also Report on robi known environment because of their own supervisor as their trainer.

In order to motivate them, ROBI can provide them various incentives, like- informing them about the benefit of the training, how it will help them, etc.

They prefer regular or post paid connection. Furthermore, the entire thing can only be achieved through the right people. We expect our employees to exemplify the guiding principles in their work and regulate their actions by the stipulations in the Code of Conduct.

So, it is very important to select different packages and from the survey it was found that the customers consider standard as the most suitable option in Robi. For the past few years management developments focus has been shifting from preparing managers to fill higher level slots to preparing them to meet the challenges of managing in past paced environment.

They said if they complain about anything it took some time for them to take action against it. Duration of scratch card: Therefore it is a Govt. The suggested recommendation may help Robi to increase their number of subscribers and increase the satisfaction of the current subscribers.

In the second part, which is recognition, concedes market reputation, image of the company etc. The customers agreed with the startup cost of the connection. Avoid actual or potential conflicts of interests in all transactions. The Pre-paid services with enhanced features have been commercially commenced successfully and now the company taking some projects to accumulated more advanced technological features in network.

Timing of the training has two basic attitudes. Lack of motivation in the training side. This gives them some obvious disadvantages in the market. They will use the input to develop new product based on data they will get from survey.

These respondents are not familiar with the technology and services because they do not know how to active these options. Customers prefer or choose one product or service when a company provides good facilities to it. Good quality with providing full customer satisfaction is the main mission of ROBI.

A trainer is the person on whom the success or failure of the whole training program is dependent.

Report on Robi

ROBI wants to make huge impression in this industry and they ill try to capture more and more market shares, so they will inform all aged people by following advertising and other sales promotion. Every employee of ROBI from manager to managing director goes through a career succession planning.

Services are launched keeping in mind each and every segment of the market. There are six products currently being offered by GrameenPhone. We engage our employees and inspire them to achieve excellence. Here Robi does the same; they offer good facilities to their customer and try to satisfy them.

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Ever changing technological advances in the technological industry, customer demand and the scope of investment in this sector has made Bangladesh a profitable target for various multi national companies to setup mobile companies here. Customers are not too satisfied with the duration of the scratch card.

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The recommendations are made on the basis of survey findings and analysis and these are: Because they do not have to pay monthly charge for using post-paid connection. First segment is quality where the researcher asked about the low startup cost and network coverage.

Introduced the automatic system generated bill amount and payment request for the Post-paid subscribers in Their goal is to attract, retain and motivate the very best and to do that they support training, development, and business education.

So their focus is to provide refreshment to the customers in a comparatively cheaper call rates and other customer services. Some organizations prefer training first than go for the job, where as some organizations want training based on after job performance.Report on robi HRM.

1. Introduction Human Resource is a basic need of any work to be done.

According to ARTHUR LEWIS: “There are great differences in development between countries which seem to. Robi is the dynamic and leading end-to-end countrywide GSM mobile communication solutions of TM International (Bangladesh) Limited.

It is a joint venture company between Telecom Malaysia Berhad and A.K. Khan & Co. Limited, which was established in the yearand services launched in under the brand name Robi.

Main objective of this report is to analysis Customer Service in Robi Axiata Limited. The other objectives of this report are to understand the reasons. Jun 14,  · The Justice Department inspector general released its highly anticipated report on how top federal officials handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while.

The latest Tweets from Robb Report (@RobbReport). Robb Report is the manual of modern luxury, synonymous around the world with affluence, luxury, and the best of the best. Los Angeles, CAAccount Status: Verified. Dear Sir, According to your advice to prepare a research on the classification of sales channel I have prepared my report on “Robi Axiata Limited”, on of the telecommunication company of Bangladesh.

In this research i have explained point of sales activities of Robi Axiata Limited in detail.

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I gathered the information as much as possible.

Report on robi
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