Ofwat amp6 business plans

2014 price review

These include allowing for capital maintenance of assets, ensuring security of supply and meeting drinking water and environmental quality requirements. The price limits are set to enable water companies to deliver the services required of them over the period.

Is UK water metering ready for a smart revolution? Each water company submits a Business Plan BP for the period of the review which is assessed by Ofwat. He said that for PR14 companies have been invited to propose outcome commitments valued by their customers, and to propose associated financial incentives wherever appropriate.

Ofwat gives early insight into AMP6 business plans

Price limit periods normally begin on the first day in April in years ending in 0 or 5 and end on the last day of March 5 years later. Competition can reduce the cost of developing new resources and help deliver strategic and innovative solutions.

The data he was working with was incomplete and that the validation of data tables alone was likely to take until this week The data was also subject to change.

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Regional water resource planning, through greater coordination of water resource management plans. Planning for the next price review PR19 which will run from 1st April to 31st March is underway. A clear direction from government.

This is usually set up as a separate and additional requirement under capital investment to meet statutory obligations as required by the Regulations. The letter sets out what we expect from water companies to address this challenge and covers five key areas; Increasing ambition in the forthcoming business plans.

Our guidance note Long Term Planning for the quality of drinking water supplies PDF KB sets out our views on issues that water companies may need to address for the PR19 period and beyond. Taylor said his overview was based on the following provisos: A responsive regulatory approach.

This planning should then provide the basis for individual water company plans.

Ministers advise Ofwat as to their strategic priorities and objectives, and take advice from Ofwat on the key issue of whether the proposed programmes are affordable. The price limits for the current period to were set at the end of to take effect on 1st April and is commonly referred to as Price Review 14 PR We want companies and regional groups to use the PR19 regulatory period to demonstrate tangible progress in increasing collaboration and developing creative strategic water supply solutions.

We recognise that the sector has been thinking about better ways to co-ordinate. On average, 38 outcome delivery incentives ODIs have been proposed by each water and sewerage company and 24 from each water-only company. We are already working to refine the water resources management planning process and other regulatory incentives.The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), the independent regulator of public water supplies in England and Wales acts to provide reassurance that drinking water is safe and its quality is acceptable to consumers.

Each water company submits a Business Plan (BP) for the period of the review which is assessed by Ofwat.

Final determinations

(Asset Management Plan. Affinity Water Submits AMP6 Business Plan to Ofwat (AMP6) to the water industry regulator, Ofwat. The plan sets out Affinity Water’s investment and expenditure plans and proposed customer bill levels for the period.

Ofwat will announce its final determination. “Earlier this summer, water regulator Ofwat published details of the methodology it intends to use to assess water companies’ business plans for the next asset management plan period, AMP6, which starts in Ofwat has announced its early observations on the water companies business plans, saying they are proposing real price decreases as well Read more here.

Thames Water AMP6 Outcomes Reporting Policy Within this publication, Ofwat confirmed that our PR14 Business Plan proposals for monitoring, reporting and assurance of our outcomes to our customers are robust and in line with its of our AMP6 plan. This will see us move towards four main business units responsible for.

You are here: About us» Our publications» Our reports» Five-year Business Plan Business Plan Ofwat, publishing a draft determination on it in August We then responded to the draft determination in October

Ofwat amp6 business plans
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