Managing and developing people

By analyzing your current performance and learning more about each area, you can ensure that you develop your people effectively. Think about creative ways of sharing knowledge and inspiring your people to improve their skills on a daily basis. How to Develop People Put people into a range of stretching projects, ones outside their comfort zone.

Learning and Development A number of resources aimed specially at Learning and Development are hosted on Good Practice for leaders and managers.

Mind Tools is a great vehicle for providing high quality management and leadership training! Understanding Organizational and Team Needs Questions 3, 6, 10, 15 Your score is 0 out of 0 Before developing your team, you must first identify the best development opportunities for your people and your organization.

Ask these people for feedback, and then use this feedback to identify training needs, develop people, and improve operations. A training course is only a one-off event; developement is an ongoing process.

Step into Leadership

The reality is that training serves multiple purposes: The importance of supervision in social services is also discussed.

Access to some of the resources requires free registration to the site in order to access the full resource but many items are free to access without this. HSE publishes a wide variety of publications offering advice and guidance for workers, managers and the general public.

For example, some people respond well to increased responsibility, while others may prefer to develop a wide variety of skills. Talent management initiatives will help you focus on and retain the best people. A good developmental process should include some form of log book for them to record what went well and what they want to improve for every aspect of a project.

Work often changes at a fast pace. Another powerful way to retain knowledge within your organization is through Succession Planning. From there, create a development plan to fill any skill gaps and prepare the team member to meet the challenges ahead. Key Points Your commitment to training and developing your people is a major factor in determining the ongoing success of your team and organization.

So, whatever the skill set, expertise, or position, your people should be encouraged to learn Look for ways to train staff on a daily basis through prompt and effective feedback and offer training courses and programs to help people develop the specific skills they need.

Too often training is used as a reward rather than as a strategic investment. However, every person can achieve his or her full potential. You clearly understand that your people are the future of the organization. Coaching and mentoring your people.

Or as a retention tool. What are your main criteria - immediate performance improvement, to meet key strategic goals - these should be the main ones.

It introduces four models of supervision and details what supervision should cover as well as a typical process. Bad habits will re-surface unless a concerted effort is made over a sufficient time period for new habits to become ingrained. This helps you retain good people, and ensures that your organization has the skills it needs in the future.

Look at these categories in detail below, and review your answers to identify the areas where you are strong, and the areas where you could improve. Make an effort to identify strong performers early on — this will help you ensure that you reward the best and brightest on your team with appropriate promotion opportunities.

However, be sure to promote people for their potential to succeed in the leadership role: Take it to the next level by making staff development a priority. Training and Career Development Questions 2, 9, 12 Your score is 0 out of 0 Not everyone wants to be a leader.

Regular reviews help to consolidate learning and plan next steps. Whether you do this in-house or send people to outside training, your team should know that learning is directly connected to successful performance. Leadership Development Your score is 0 out of 0 Successful teams and organizations typically put a lot of effort into developing future leaders.

How Well Do You Develop Your People?

These programs rely heavily on choosing the right people to involve. From informal coaching to mentoring staff for long-term development, show your team members that you truly care that they improve their skills and develop a satisfying career.

This quiz highlights five main factors related to developing people. The Scottish Centre for Health Working Livesan organisation whose principal focus is to work with employers to enable them to Managing and developing people, protect and improve the health of their employees, works with all kinds of businesses, free of charge.

Make career development a strategic objective.Managing knowledge. Coaching and mentoring your people. Look at these categories in detail below, and review your answers to identify the areas where you are strong, and the areas where you could improve.

Your commitment to training and developing your people is a major factor in determining the ongoing success of your team and. This text has been designed specifically to cater for the CIPD module in 'Managing and Leading People' and as such is closely aligned to the standards.

Students on similar modules with appropriate content such as 'people and organisations', on wider business degrees, will also find the book useful.

ADVANCED LEVEL EXAMINATIONS 7LMP- Leading Managing and Developing People EXAMINER'S REPORT September 3 Registered charity no: imposing the new structure very quickly, without even the pretence of a consultation. Understand the theory and practice of leading, managing and developing people in the workplace with this definitive textbook.

Leading, Managing and Developing People [Gary Rees, Raymond French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leading, Managing and Developing People is critical reading for all those studying the CIPD Level 7. MANAGNG PEOPLE • Management defined: Process of making things happen - Managers define goals (setting goals/objectives = planning) - Determine and obtain resources required to achieve the goals.

Managing and developing people
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