How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay

Lenin appealed to the people of Russia because he tried everything to look and act like a worker — like one of the Russian people. Even when the Provisional Government offered something good, the Bolsheviks offered better. This happened because of the war.

Because the Tsar had come to the war front to run the war, the army blamed him for all the defeats.

Why did the monarchy collapse?

The Provisional Government had many opponents and did nothing to get rid of them. The Provisional Government looked weak because they were unable to defend themselves and the Bolsheviks looked strong because they were prepared to fight.

The shortage of medical supplies was exacerbated by the continuance of the war. The low morale and loyalty eventually led to the army defecting and joining the revolutionaries. The food, fuel and other shortages continued because of the war.

The social and economic problems in Russia were bad. One of these factors alone would not have been enough to secure power for the Bolsheviks.

How The Effects of the First World War Caused the Collapse of the Tsarist Regime Essay Sample

Many people were unemployed, and those that did have a job, protested about their low wages, long working hours and poor working conditions. The Tsarist regime, therefore, collapsed partly because of its own actions.

Although the people of Russia appreciated this, the things they really wanted were an end to the war and an end to the land problems. Peasants started to rebel and seize land.

If the First World War had not been there at this time, the problems in Russia would have not been as big, and the Provisional Government may have been able to deal with them. If the Tsar had kept control of the army, he could have dealt with the revolution, however, if Russia had been better ruled, there may not have been a revolution in the first place.

The unpopularity of the Provisional Government alone would not have been enough to bring the Bolsheviks to power because without the Bolsheviks presenting themselves as a strong alternative, the people may have chosen another party to rule Russia.

As well as this, the strength of the Bolsheviks alone would not have been enough to bring them to power because if the Provisional Government had done well and been strong, the people would have supported them and not been looking for an alternative government. Lenin took advantage of the fact that there was a war going on.

The Bolsheviks, on the other hand, were the only group who stood up against the war. The Provisional Government had no control over the peasants. He was a right wing general who was only stopped with the help of the Bolsheviks. This also meant that there were less farmers, and as a result of this, less food being produced.

He saw that the Provisional Government was weak and very unpopular because of the war and he knew that the people wanted the war to end. One of their opponents was the Petrograd Soviet.

He would not have left Russia to go to the war front and the problems would have been controlled. The people of Russia would not have been looking for an alternative government and the Bolsheviks would not have succeeded in their plan to take power.

They wanted their own land. The army also had very incompetent leaders. There is evidence of this in the battles at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes. They found the Bolsheviks. It was now at the point of crisis. The First World War had pushed the people over the edge.

The First World War contributed to the Tsar looking worse than he was and it highlighted his flaws. The First World War was a large problem for all of Russia at this time.

When the Duma president, Rodzianko, called for a new government to deal with all these problems and because the capital was in a state of anarchy, he was ignored by the Tsar, because he was told by the Tsarina to listen to Rasputin. He was very unpopular. The Provisional Government was made to look weak and ineffective, and at the same time, the Bolsheviks became very popular and looked strong.

This factor is inextricably linked with the army defecting as many peasants fled the army to get home so that they got their fair share of land when they rebelled. He planned the entire revolution and was very popular amongst the people of Russia. They wanted power for the Soviets exclusively and were prepared to take up arms against their rivals, which they did against Kornilov.

There were land shortages and food shortages because there was very little land that was available to live or farm on. This made the people support the Bolsheviks even more and turn away from the Provisional Government.

This was, therefore, a cause of the shortages on the home front.• In August Russia entered the First World War • At first tensions disappeared, Tsar seemed popular with Russian people • Over time the Tsar lost support. Why did the monarchy collapse? The First World War - its huge problems and The immediate cause of the February Revolution of was the collapse of the Tsarist regime under the gigantic.

Downfall Of The Tsarist Regime. Print Reference this. Published Marriage to Alexandra caused many of the decisions made by Nicholas to be influenced by Alexandra. in the war was one of the major factors leading to the revolution and eventually the downfall of the Romanov regime.

The combination of the war and dissatisfaction of. Why did the Tsarist regime collapse in ? The First World War in particular put a severe strain on not only the male agricultural The circumstances prevailing in Russia by the beginning of must be considered the most important reason behind the collapse of Tsarism.

The direct effects of the war on Russia were a crucial. How important was Russia’s military failure in the First World War in causing the collapse of Tsarist authority in ?

The Tsarist regime was put under severe pressure by. Why did the Tsarist regime collapse in ?. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

They were the new class of people caused by the development of the industry. Those people were mainly bankers, merchants and rich capitalists.

The effects .

How the effects of the first world war caused the collapse of the tsarist regime essay
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