Hepatitis b the silent killer essay

Infection at birth is much more likely to result in chronic hepatitis Hepatitis b the silent killer essay than infection later in life. The Summit intends to galvanize the growing global effort to control hepatitis by bringing together these groups around a common principle — that by applying the tools already in hand to expand access to lifesaving measures, we can dramatically reduce the burden from this disease.

Hepatitis B the Silent Killer Essay Sample

In the Department of Medical Research in Myanmar did a national survey in collaboration with the Department of Public Health and found high rates of infection among those they surveyed in Yangon 12 percentPathein 9 pcand Mawlamyine 8 pc.

The second shot should always be given at least one month after the first shot, and the third shot at least 2 months after the second and 4 months after the first. The hope would be, however, that once it was developed, it would be useful in the context of the developing world to provide treatment.

The disease kills almost a million people every year and Myanmar is one of 28 so-called high burden countries. Engaging in sex with an infected person can be the silent killer.

It all starts with the infection present in a person the human reservoirsuch as HBV.

Hepatitis B: the silent killer

If one of your family members is infected you should avoid sharing toothbrushes or razors and consider getting yourself vaccinated. There is a period of 6 weeks to 6 months before a person can have symptoms.

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WHO This silent, hidden evolution has meant that for decades hepatitis has been one of the poor relations of global public health — its impact under-estimated, services under-resourced, and minimal political attention paid. This proved to be a great advantage in the treatment of polio.

Vaccines teach your body to attack certain viruses, like the hepatitis B virus. Their pamphlet and other information is in English and Spanish.

It took until the s for the first vaccine to be approved for use. The other common mode of transmission is from hepatitis B infected mothers to the fetus prior to birth.

Chronic hepatitis B infection is another story. This vaccine has been available since The good news is that many people will clear the infection by themselves with their own immune systems. Complications of HBV can be severe for acute infections and potentially lead to death of the infected person.

Crohn —who described the disease in People who receive these medicines are much less likely to die from liver cancer and cirrhosis and much less likely to transmit the virus to others.

The main route of spread of the hepatitis B virus is via contact with blood or body fluids: It must be noted that the development of the vaccine in any plant form is still very much in its nascent stages.

This strategy is based on the principles of universal access and includes ambitious targets to reduce infections and deaths from hepatitis with the goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C by On a global level there is an astounding million with chronic HBV.

Ultimately the yellow color of jaundice appears, first in the whites of the eyes and then the skin. Next the community health nurse should implement the teachings to help change or improve their risk factors that apply to them.

The other potentially fatal complication of long-term liver inflammation is the development of liver cancer.

Keeping records that are accurate, detailed and legible that are easily accessed is a must. Vaccinating babies against hepatitis B immediately after birth will prevent most infections but sometimes additional treatments are needed.

One in 1, pregnant women are chronic carriers of hepatitis B. Last year, at the World Health Assembly, countries approved a resolution calling for measures to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis and called on the WHO to assess the feasibility of eliminating hepatitis.

First World Hepatitis Summit And there are encouraging signs that this could happen. Both transgenic tobacco and banana plants, it is hoped, hold the potential to develop an effective oral vaccine.

Jaundice is usually associated with dark urine and light or clay colored stools. WHO is also drafting the first ever global strategy for the control of hepatitis.

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If you are pregnant and have chronic hepatitis B you risk passing this infection to your baby. Hepatitis B is not spread by hugging or shaking hands or by sharing food. Hepatitis B has a long incubation period, occasionally taking up to 6 months to manifest itself.Jul 17,  · Words: Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Hepatitis B screening for health care workers in primary health care The cause for Hepatitis B is a DNA virus and the complete virus has the name 'Dane particle'.

The virus contains three major antigens in structure: The surface antigen, the core antigen and e. B - Hepatitis B kills around one million people a year. Breaking the silence. The Hepatitis B virus was first discovered in the s by a team of scientists in the US, led by Dr Barry Blumberg who was later awarded a Nobel Prize.

Once the virus was identified work could start to develop a vaccine. Hepatitis B causes the liver to become inflamed.

There’s a reason viral hepatitis has been dubbed the “silent killer”

Usually those infected with B can fight it off, but some of those with HIV or AIDS symptoms are almost identical with those of A. The only vaccine. Below is an essay on "Hepatitis in the Prison Systems" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hepatitis in the Prison Systems The Silent Killer. Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver caused by HBV; the infection can be classified as acute or chronic (Daniel, ). An individual with acute hepatitis infection may not exhibit symptoms and are unaware they may be carrying the HBV.

Hepatitis B is a serious disease and death rate during the acute stage is approximately 1%. The overall incidence of reported hepatitis B is 2 per 10, individuals, but the true incidence may be higher, because many cases do not cause symptoms and go undiagnosed and unreported.

Hepatitis b the silent killer essay
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