Geographic segmentation for boost juice

Thus, it is critical for marketers to understand how consumers are likely to perceive a given price. Sporty In this example market segment, consumers are looking for products that are helpful when they are undertaking sporting events, such as running or playing some form of organized sport, or working out at the gym.

Hold the sugar The next market segment in this example is highly attracted to diet drinks. Boost juice bar positions itself as the wellbeing industry. They are attracted to simpler product solutions such as water for regular training sessions or they are more likely to utilize sports drinks that offer the benefit of fast water replacement or some form of energy boost.

The target market of Boost is middle-high class group people, and it is a franchising company, the company has set the fix price for the products. She found consumer demographics to be highly related to service quality in professional serviees. In these three year, Boost juice bar should settle down its shop in Shanghai, Boost should be has been known by most people in Shanghai after the first year, let most people aware its image and products.

Dong, This data shows that Shanghai is a huge market with huge population. Furthermore, each generation is profoundly influenced by the times in which it grows up.

Boost Juice Bar has grown rapidly over last 8 years, now Boost Juice Bar has over stores opened throughout Australia and throughout the rest of the world.

Just feel like it Really thirsty This group of consumers is seeking a fairly straightforward functional benefit from their consumption of a beverage.

The purpose of market segmentation is two-fold: This market segment would be seeking a fairly substantial type of beverage, such as a milk-based drink, a thicker juice mixture, or a larger serving of a more traditional soft drink. If the sales can not achieve the target that we set, then we will find out the reasons, and try to solve the problems, and work out with better strategies.

Geographic segmentation helps Boost juice bar to identify the market and segregate the Shanghai market into units on the basis of language, climatic conditions and lifestyle.

CMarketing Basic, Concepts, and Decision, 3rd ed. A market segment is a group within a market that is clearly identifiable based on certain criteria. Therefore, for this particular market segment, convenience foods represent an indirect competitor to a beverage.

We set our price according to the cost of the product, demand of the customers, product life cycle and variation of buying situation. Boost is accept by both male and female, is not restricted by gender, occupation.

Introduction Boost Juice Bar is a young Australian retail company which set up in by Janine Allis, it is the largest juice and smoothie bar at the Southern Hemisphere and is in more countries than other juice bar in the world. Research covering international channels of distribution topics as well as international physical distribution topics is limited Cavusgil and Nevin, The measurement tools can be survey by questionnaire, drop-in interview.

Sales could decline during colder seasons; as boost juice bar only produce cold drinks, consumers would seek for hot drinks during cold weather rather than have cold drinks and cold yogurt. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Also, social class has strong influence on preference in many things too, drink is not an exception. Webster studied demographic variables and their relationship to service quality expectations. Our company prides itself on the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle, customers may see our staff dancing, juggling and singing behind the counters.

Often, with services, the relationship between the consumer and the provider becomes more important than the actual service Foa and Foa, Gain a new client each week.

Boost does not use other brand as it is franchising mode, the new store in Shanghai can not change its brand or sell any other brands in Boost.

Marketing and International Consumers Strategies Essay Sample

Boost has its own private lable, it has its own cup the bright green cup which is easily seen on the street. It is convinece goods which is immediately and with a minimum of effort.

Market segmentation example for drinks

Boost choose locaiton in the center of shopping center, or location with a lot of people flow, our store located in the high trafiic areas too. As More than 21 million people live in Shanghai which makes it the most densely populated city on the Chinese mainland — with 2, people in each square kilometer.

We absolutely learning from our customers, listening to them and hearing about their experience, so we can continue to develop ways of improving. In this case, they would be attracted to fairly simple styles of beverages, such as water or juice.

Health focus The health focused market segment consists of consumers who tend to make all their food and beverage choices based upon being healthy and eating well.

The entry mode for Boost is a franchising, as boost is stable company in form of franchising, it can benefit from franchising, as franchising company already has own reputation, image, and license, franchiser has right to control its product, the decoration style of the shop, which can lower the possibilities damages to its brand.

They are in a situation where they simply need to quench their thirst. These consumers are more attracted to traditional soft drinks and can be quite emotionally loyal to the brand — for an example, you should read about the launch of the New Coke product.

Variety seekers Variety seekers are consumers that have limited product loyalty and tend to consume a broader selection of beverages, primarily depending upon their taste and situation at the time.

The goal is to try and increase share-of-stomach by offering a broader product range with different flavors and varieties. In Chinese market, Chinese customers change their demand at different age stages as other customers do.MARKETING PLAN PROPOSAL Naked Juice PREPARED BY.

Discuss poor performing vendors with head of Marketing and brainstorm on ways to boost performance or possible exit strategies by December 25 - Have at least three new vendors ready to sign contracts by December 30 6 Naked Juice: Get Naked Campaign OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES TACTICS.

Geographic Segmentation For Boost Juice  Boost juice bar formed in the year with the first store located in Adelaide, South Australia and is now has an international chain of retail outlets that specialize in selling fresh juice.

Market segmentation example for drinks In this example of market segmentation, the overall drink market has been considered. The overall drink market refers to any cold beverage, including: sodas, juice, energy drinks, milk-based drinks, water, sports drinks, and so on – but not alcohol products.

Geographic segmentation helps Boost juice bar to identify the market and segregate the Shanghai market into units on the basis of language, climatic conditions and lifestyle. As More than 21 million people live in Shanghai which makes it the most densely populated city on the Chinese mainland - with 2, people in each square kilometer.

Video: What Is Geographic Segmentation in Marketing? - Definition, Advantages & Examples - Definition, Advantages & Examples During your travels across the country, you may have noticed that store.

Market segmentation refers to a segmented group of customers who attain specific characteristics and behaviours that need distinct strategic methods of the marketing mix to effectively attract its market (Armstrong et al.

). The segmentation bases of Boost Juice that target their market include psychographic, behavioural, geographic and demographic variables.

Geographic segmentation for boost juice
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