Consolidated products a case analysis

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A description is given in the case of the business environment and the current inventory control system in use.

Ben believed that if you treat people right, they will do a good job for you without close supervision or prodding. These are all issues that should be considered. Phil believed that training supervisors to be supportive was a waste of time.

Digital Dashboard Program Assessment Tool An automotive OEM wanted to centralize and standardize their program "health" status reporting against milestones. An inventory control system is shown in Exhibit 1.

Browse hundreds of Operations Management tutors. Jones does not feel he needs to address his workers on a personal level, he feels the only time he should be communicating with the line workers is to give them orders or repremand their actions.

They were grateful for the fitness center he built for employees, and they enjoyed the social activities sponsored by the plant several times a year, including company picnics and holiday parties. Some of these behaviors included building a fitness center for employees, sponsoring yearly picnics and holiday parties for them, avoiding layoffs, getting to know employees by name, visiting and speaking to workers on the floor in a friendly manner, and helping each employee whenever a problem would arise.

View Case Study Rental Business Planning CGN facilitated business planning sessions for client dealerships in order to help them plan the long-term growth of their rental equipment business.

For example, should the company diversify from its core business into new businesses? Design an inventory control system for this business. The court entered separate judgments in each action.

Sometimes the mission and goals are stated explicitly in the case; at other times you will have to infer them from available information. Are the right rewards in place for encouraging cooperation among divisions?

The company also may market different products using different business-level strategies. View Case Study Embedded Systems Software Asset Management CGN helped the electronics division of a large manufacturing company architect a solution for managing software assets for embedded systems.

Phil was only interested in cutting costs, and one of the ways he did this was by enforcing strict orders and demands that all workers had to abide by. Some of the turnover was due to workers who were fired, but competent machine operators were also quitting, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find any replacements for them.

By the end of Phifs first year as plant manager, production costs were reduced by 20 percent and production output was up by 10 percent.

Almost all communication was at a standstill. Which factors in the macroenvironment will appear salient depends on the specific company being analyzed. When your file has uploaded, it will appear as a link under Attachments.Consolidated Products Case Analysis Abstract This brief paper’s objective is to analyze the managerial behavior of two managers, Ben Samuels and Phil Jones, who worked for Consolidated Products plant.

Solutions to Study Questions, Problems, and Cases Chapter 1 The annual report is published primarily for shareholders, while the K networking and communication products. (b) The analyst could learn the following by reading the letter to stockholders. Consolidated Products - When Phil Jones Case Case Study Consolidated Products - When Phil Jones Case and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

As just mentioned, the purpose of the case study is to let you apply the concepts you've learned when you analyze the issues facing a specific company. To analyze a case study, therefore, you must examine closely the issues with which the company is confronted.

Some of the events have to do with its founding, its initial products.

Case Study Leadership Behaviors Consolidated Products

Assignment Instructions and Requirements Read the case study found in the textbook on the pages identified in the title above. You are encourage to discuss the case with other members of the class, specifically considering the following 2-part question as it relates to the case study: How would you assess/describe Phil Jones’s level of emotional [ ].

Chapter 2 Case Study: “Consolidated Products” (p. 59 of the textbook) Read the case study and answer the following three questions.

1. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. 2. Which leader do you think is more effective?

Consolidated products a case analysis
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