Business level strategy of banglalink in bangladesh

Porter distinguishes between primary activities and support activities. Rang is a Bengali word which means colour.

Each of these primary activities is linked to support activities which help to improve their effectiveness or efficiency. They concentrated on the high income bracket target market form the start of their business. Banglalink always wants to sell its products as many as they can.

It has segmented its market according to its customer income level and sets the price accoirdong to the target market. The vision of GrameenPhone Ltd. Following the concept of the experience curve, if the first entrant gains a respectable share of the market, across the board costs should go down by a fixed percentage.

All the companies are aggressively marketing there product. We find that banglalink has taken has Business level strategy of banglalink in bangladesh multi-various strategy to position its various product in the market.

So the exit barrier is very high. When the business climate is stable, a shallow outlook toward the competition might work, but in the current environment, a business strategy is really competitively oriented. Consumers can get the package through them. This indicates that in choosing market segment, segmental marketing is appropriate for them.

Primary activities are directly concerned with the creation or delivery of a product or service. CityCell could have created a lead for itself that others would have found difficult to match.

They use mainly non persnal advertisement communication like 1. History[ edit ] Sheba Telecom Pvt. So there is a tendency of customers using multiple company service at the same time.

GrameenPhone believes that good business leads to good development, since high level of productivity is development.

When Grammen offered the lowest out going call rate it also reduced the call rates. Their strategies are yet to be known to public. Though the priority of the intensity of coverage varies from area to area, the basic strategy of cell-to-cell coverage is applied through the whole country.

The capacity of two switches in Dhaka and Chittagong was further enhanced. There are six products currently being offered by GrameenPhone. Banglalink offers the lowest price in the market. To other operators from 7am — 11pm tk 2. Through the dealers the packages are distributed to the customers.

Demand Conditions The current demand in the market for connection is very high. This package was aimed for customers who mainly make calls to their own network and are heavy SMS users.


The companies are offering very low connection fee. In case of product overlap i. Value Chain Analysis The value chain analysis describes the activities the organization performs and links them to the organizations competitive position.

Price sensitive customers are really switching connections every time a new package comes out. Instead of even prcing it maintains odd prcing like instead of tk. Market Segmentation Banglakink has the following segmentation bases: Competitors The term competition defies definition because the view of competition held by different groups varies.

Some of them have experience in doing business in different parts of the world. Late night tariff for calls to any banglalink number from 12 am — 9am: Therefore, it evaluates which value each particular activity adds to the organizations products or services. The newly imposed tax of Tk 1, on every mobile SIM subscriber identification module card and connection The government had reduced the mobile handset tariff in fiscal to Tk 1, from the previous Tk 4, b.

They can be grouped into five main areas:Marketing Strategy Of Banglalink. Banglalink Banglalink is Telecom bought % share of Sheba Telecom and gave its new name as Banglalink aiming to provide quality service in Bangladesh.

February 10,Banglalink™, the Orascom Telecom and markets.

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Blue ocean strategy, as a business method, is about company creating a new market. Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper. Assignment; Annual Report; Article; Biography; Business Level Strategy. In the business level, the company follows the strategy of Focused Differentiation.

From the start the company has taken a national marketing strategy to cover the whole Bangladesh market. Gradually they set. Assignment on Banglalink Marketing Plan.

Subject: Marketing Topic: Assignment. Introduction: Citycell was the first to start telecommunication business in Bangladesh in GP and Aktel started their business from & Banglalink follows the penetration strategy to set the price. Banglalink offers the lowest price in the.

A Report on Marketing Strategy of Banglalink. 44 Pages. A Report on Marketing Strategy of Banglalink Banglalink estimates that it had a % market share of total mobile subscribers in Bangladesh.

License: Banglalink’s license is a nationwide year GSM license that expires in November 15 SWOT analysis of Banglalink Now we are. Banglalink, in collaboration with Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, a wing of ICT Division of Bangladesh Government has established an IT Incubator for promising digital startups of the country.

The platform is designed to. I have figured that Banglalink is somewhat deviated from their core business of Competition: The level of competition of the Banglalink is very high. the latest advertisement of Banglalink.

Banglalink should also try to maintain a flat organization strategy because in that case employees will feel more importance and give their.

Business level strategy of banglalink in bangladesh
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