Bernie madoff case study

The 'Bernard Madoff' Financial Scam

Going off of this Kant himself believed that everyone is a fundamentally rational being. On June 29, Madoff was sentenced to years in prison which was the maximum sentence.

He also has temperance because he knew the whole time what could happen or what could go wrong so he was ready at all times for the worst. I think it is safe to say that Bernie Madoff stood for everything that utilitarianism is against. The formula of humanity says that a rational person should never be treated as a means Bernie madoff case study as an end.

Kantianism Kantianism says that all actions are performed with some type of overlying principle. This principle can be applied to this particular case by simply asking the question of was what Madoff did rational? Individualism also states that your top priority should be to maximize your own profit and to make sure that you are put above all else.

Greatest Ponzi Scheme in U. For example, by running his massive Ponzi scheme he was not thinking about how the people he was taking money from were feeling he just wanted it all for himself no matter how many people he had to step on to get it.

He then admitted to them that a branch of his firm was actually an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Utilitarianism Utilitarianism basically states that by doing what is morally right will benefit the most amount of people and generate the greatest amount of happiness. So in other words doing what is right should be placed above all else.

For instance, although what he did was very wrong he did have courage to actually go through with it and make it happen. He was not making rational decisions and because of it he paid price. He did not do what was morally right once throughout this entire process and because of it, it all caught up to him which is why he is in jail for the rest of his life now.

He knew what as at stake and what he could lose but he still kept pursuing his business. This whole situation could have been avoided if he simply did this the right and honest way the first time around. Another thing he can improve on is justice.

So if you look at it in that sense Madoff was just trying to look after himself and provide himself with a better life which is technically right in the eyes of an individualist.This case study is a chronology of the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Bernie Madoff began his brokerage fi rm in and grew it into one of the largest on Wall Street. Transparency and Disclosure: The Bernie Madoff Case.

On the face of it, without referring to Alan Greenspan, I can simply say I think the markets needed more. To download The 'Bernard Madoff' Financial Scam case study (Case Code: FINC) click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases:» Finance Case Studies» Mini Case Studies» Micro Case Studies» View Detailed Pricing Info» How To Order This Case.

BERNIE MADOFF CASE STUDY THE MADOFF'S FRAUD How could this happen? So how could Madoff pull off the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of finance?

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