Azalea seafood gumbo shoppe business analysis

Azalea has had great success with its gumbo, but because it only produces gumbo on a large scale, there are many unfulfilled niches left to pursue. Increase finished goods and decrease of the raw materials in the inventory. Azalea also hired a full-time sales person in the Mississippi area and that person helps develop new accounts and checks product placements in surrounding supermarkets.

Short term plans realized during less than 1 year period: Back Home Azalea Seafood Gumbo A thorough examination of Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe was done to provide a strategic plan that will enable Azalea to maintain long-term growth and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Azalea Seafood Gumbo

Included in the analysis is the following information that comprises the complete proposal: They could apply this low-cost provider strategy to their advantage by selling items with a lower selling point than their existing products. Specialization of the two partners plus employing a new employee.

Azalea has to work aggressively to develop the revenue to be able to expand its product selection so that it can maintain and expand its customer base.

Degree of Vertical Integration: If they move to a bigger facility, they could get USDA certification and add products that they can sell at a lower price point, translating to bigger, better profits.

Of course this step brings more pressure on the just in time delivery management of the raw materials and more precise production planning. Wages for the quality inspector s can be taken out of existing company funds. Products within this industry are diversified. Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe in Recommendations Based on the presented statistical data and analysis in the section above we would recommend all solutions except solution number six to be included in the new plan of action for the Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe.

There are two major alternatives that can be taken by Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe. Solved January 31, resources identified in the Writing Resources document on the course web site. Changes in the long-term industry growth rate- A surge in long-term demand triggers a race for growth among established firms and newcomers attracted by the prospects for higher growth.

If we look at the quart packaging for the gumbo we can assume that the cover is very old fashioned and not attractive for the eyes of the customer as well as for the sellers.

Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe products had a stable price for the last two years.

Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe in 2004: A Case Analysis Essay

Increase in market share The Essex market share will increase with the launch of the new product. So far, their current accounts with WalMart and its subsidiaries as well as other large supermarket chains make up a huge chunk of their net profits.Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe Business Analysis Essay - Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe is in the Seafood Packaging Industry.

In this industry companies take raw seafood materials and package them to sell to supermarkets, grocery stores. Within a period of only 12 years, Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe transformed itself from a small local retail food shop to one of the largest producers of gumbo in the U.S with sales of more than one million dollars.

Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe – Case Analysis Essay Sample

Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe has a competitive advantage of producing one of the best tasting, high-quality gumbo. The company is based in Mobile, Alabama, where there is a big market for seafoods and seafood-based products.

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Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe Introduction Found in approximately supermarkets and restaurants, Azalea Seafood and Gumbo Shoppe is among the largest producers of ready-to-eat gumbo with annual revenues in of more than $1 million.

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Azalea seafood gumbo shoppe business analysis
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